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Gluten-Free Recipe Sharing

Andy, my adult son with Down syndrome, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD) when he was 16. He’s almost 21. All people who have Down syndrome may develop CD at some point in their life.  Learning to cook and live gluten-free has been, and continues to be,  an adventure.  One that I enjoy most of the time. Some of those adventures are shared on this blog (thus the “gluten-free tales” tag).

Today, while scanning my feed on Tweet Deck  I saw a post for a recipe that caught my eye. I’ve been working on my weight, so I’m more likely to see recipes or any food-related Tweet, email, Facebook post….billboard….whatever.

The recipe comes from the “Gluten Free Recipe of the Week” offerings on Celiac Central from Blue Diamond.

Tomato Roasted Chicken Breasts

Blue Diamond, Inc.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees


  1. 6 chicken breasts

  2. 1 – 6 oz can of tomato paste

  3. 1 Tbsp brown sugar

  4. 1 tsp oregano (fresh is best!)

  5. 3 strips cooked bacon

  6. 15 Nut Thin Crackers by Blue Diamond.

  7. 1 9 x 12 baking dish

  8. 1 spoon

  9. one small mixing bowl

  10. vegetable spray

Cook bacon strips until crispy. We did this in the microwave (about 3.5 minutes on high). If you use the microwave, be sure to cover the bacon with a paper towel to catch the grease splatters!

In the mixing bowl, combine tomato paste, brown sugar, and oregano. Mixture is thick.

Cut the chicken into strips.

Coat the chicken with the tomato paste mixture. The original recipe says to do this with your hands, but I found a fork worked better. I had more of the paste mixture on my hands than on the chicken. (Andy kept leaving with his hands covered in paste. Using a fork cut down on mess to my kitchen!) The fork tongs made it easy to spread the paste.

Spray the baking dish with vegetable spray.

Place the coated chicken in the baking dish.

Place dish in the oven.

Cooking time is going to vary depending on the size of the chicken pieces. Our strips were about 1 to 1.5 inches wide and baked in about 35 mintues.

While the chicken is baking put the cooled bacon and 15 crackers in a food processor and blend until it becomes crumbs.

Sprinkle chicken with the bacon/cracker crumbs for the last 10 minutes.


We served this with a rice blend (I combine brown basmati with a favorite wild rice blend from Lundberg Farms) and spinach salad.

Blue Diamond Nut Thins are rice and nut crackers. They have a texture much like a rice cracker, but, obviously, with a nutty overtone. These were Cheddar Almond Nut Thins.  I think you could do this with just one strip of bacon (to help with consistency of the crumbs). The crunch added by the crackers was quite nice.

The calories are going to depend on the size of chicken serving. If you use boneless, skinless, chicken breasts, then it will be no more than 65 calories per ounce of chicken and quite low in fat.

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