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April 2006

January 2011

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The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook: A Guide to Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

This one-of-a-kind book is the first to provide information, strategies, and tools to promote healthy living for people with Down syndrome, their families, and those who support them. Using her knowledge and expertise as a registered dietitian and experiences as a mother of a son with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, and celiac disease, Joan Guthrie Medlen has blended intricate science with practical use to create a book that is indispensable. Medlen encourages parents and professionals to start teaching healthy habits early, yet stresses it is never too late to make changes. The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook describes the connection between healthy lifestyles and nutrition for people with Down syndrome and hands-on strategies for nutrition education.

Order here at a reduced price of $19.05 plus shipping. 


Cooking By Color: Recipes for Independence

Cooking by Color is more than a cookbook. It is a method. Using color coding, universal design for learning, and plain language, the information in this book is presented to set every cook up for a successful experience in the kitchen. Originally designed for teens and adults with disabilities, the system is useful to many others including college students, novice cooks, or anyone eager to take charge of their cooking and menu planning. Cooking by Color has been tested by a cadre of teens and adults preparing to live away from their families. Let Cooking by color simplify your life and revolutionize your kitchen experience.

This book is currently out of print. I'm working on reducing the print cost for full color.   Please email me if you are interested. 

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