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Food Alike Worksheet - English

Food Alike Worksheet - English


Stressed about planning meals?  Flummoxed about how to introduce new foods to your family?  The Food Alike Worksheet can help. 


If you are planning meals for a selective eater or eaters who notice every sensory change in their foods, this could help. It's not magic. It is a tool to help you think about food more like the people who challenge your menu planning.   


Join the fun in becoming a Sensory Food Explorer and learn how to identify what's more alike than different to expand  the palate of those you love. 


A perfect companion for My Tasting Journal: Keeping Track of Foods I Try. 

  • Digital File and Copyright Information

    This product is copyright  ©2014, Phronesis Publishing.  This product is for individual use only. By downloading this file you agree to these terms.  A professional version is available if you wish to share the product more widely.

    ISBN: 978-0-9786118-4-2

    This is a pdf file download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8 or newer.  If you have trouble opening the product please contact me at or through this website. 

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