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Disability Solutions July/August 1997: Self Talk

Disability Solutions July/August 1997: Self Talk


This issue of Disability Solutions includes the ground-breaking article by Dennis McGuire, Ph.D. on Self-Talk in Adults with Down Syndrome. This article brought to the forefront the practical role that self-talk plays in problem solving and managing tough situations. 


Other articles include:

  • Strategies for Augmenting Communication by Kimberly Voss
  • Why Bother?  Neworking An Adult with Disabilities by Linda STengle, M.H.S.
  • Book Review: COACH: A Guide to Planning Inclusive Education by Mary Wilt
  • Letter from the Editor: Did you say something or were you just talking to yourself?



Disability Solutions, Volume 2, Issue 2, July/August 1997.  ISSN:  1087-0520

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