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Why an Open-Faced Sandwich?

People talk about the "Sandwich Generation." It's the time in your life when you’re still actively parenting your children and then find yourself caring for your parents as well. This is supposed to describe what it feels like to have caregiving responsibilities for those older and younger than you.

It’s rarely just a typical sandwich like a good old fashioned PB&J. This sandwich thing seems to be an open-faced sandwich, a double decker, or a well-pressed panini.

This section is a place to ponder. A motif of the moment is my personal version of the sandwich generation. It is giving new meaning to supporting and caring for my family.

I am a life-long caregiver to our son, who has disabilities. Life will always be – at the very least – an open-faced sandwich. I’m hoping for some spicy side dishes and exquisite deserts to go with it.

Come along and meander with me.

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