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Birthdays are teh ultimate celebration at our house. This isn’t to say we didn’t go all out for our oldest’s graduation from college. That was a great day. It is to say that birthdays are something we all enjoy.

Our youngest, who has Down syndrome and some other complex needs, truly loves birthdays. This has led to a tradition of getting together with my parents and my brother’s family for every single person’s birthday. There is cake, food, presents…but the best part for my son? The candles!

When we have these gatherings, Andy’s enthusiasm is shared by all. Today, with my Mother’s precarious health, we all enjoyed some warm moments of nostalgia. Because my brother turned fifty, my Mother decided it was time for him to have the tokens from his childhood that she has saved all his life. We read a science fiction story, poems, and report cards. It was great. And very needed by all.

In keeping with my desire to bring videos to the iPod Touch for learning, I have finally saved enough money for a small video camera, similar to the Flip. It’s an insignia HD camera. I’ve only used it once, and still need to learn how to change the settings to MPEG, but here is an idea of what can be done.  The Birthday_Song

I tried to figure out how to add the video to this page, but it’s too hard. So much to learn, so few areas open to new synapses in my brain.

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